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I am a Creative with a background in graphic design for digital marketing in the fashion industry. My experience as an entrepreneur has taught me to be resourceful, efficient, and value quality. I am looking for a creative and challenging career that will utilize my talent and accumulated skills.

I am completely responsible for our creative department as the

house photographer, graphic designer, e-commerce manager, and

social media marketer. 

During my entrepreneurial endeavors, I chose to offer my services as a freelance creative. I love to have a diversity of work and welcome a good challenge. I am passionate about clean, organized design. 


In 2005, I started my first business, Heart of Haute, at the age of 19  without even realizing what was in store for me.  I was a sophomore in college, selling homemade dresses on eBay to make extra money while I took on a full-load semester after semester. By the time I graduated, I had a full-time career in the fashion industry with my brand. 

Hello! My name is Mandie Bee and I'm a creative designer...

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