Mandie Bee


What I do

Online Education for Creative Entrepreneurs

No matter where you are with your creative business, I can help.

I offer step-by-step online courses that take you from no clue to running your own online business in a matter of weeks!

Small Business Consulting & Coaching

I give knowledgable and sound advice to the aspiring creative entrepreneur. I understand the struggles and setbacks.  As a certified Yoga instructor, I use the fundamentals of meditation and positive psychology to help my students release doubt, find peace of mind, and effectively organize their goals. 

Why Hire Me?

With 15 years of the practical application of the uncharted world of e-commerce entrepreneurship in the fashion industry, I have first-hand experience and resources to share.

I am most passionate about helping the aspiring entrepreneur who knows they have great ideas and will stop at nothing to make them a reality. I was you once. I can relate.


My Story

In 2005, I started my first business, Heart of Haute, at the age of 19  without even realizing what was in store for me.  I was a sophomore in college, selling homemade dresses on eBay to make extra money while I took on a full-load semester after semester. Little did I know my line would become a million-dollar company within 2 years! 

Since then, I've created hundreds of apparel designs, sold to online shops like ModCloth and Unique Vintage, and committed to keeping all of my manufacturing in California. I developed and had over 26 employees and together we've produced hundreds of thousands of garments that are in the closets of women all around the world. 

I dove in and took over our creative department as the house photographer, graphic designer, social media marketer, and sales representative. 

In 2016, I decided to start another passion project, Kittees, which allows me

a different kind of outlet for my creativity- all the while making a passive income and donating to charity for the creatures I care about...

And simply, this kind of work is FUN!

What's next? I am currently writing a course curriculum for a University here in California to educate students in merchandising and marketing who want to go into business for themselves. Entrepreneurship is a creative process, but it's not always clear how to begin. My goal is to help and empower as many people as I can to put the power and the choice into their hands. 



"I was looking for someone to assist me with my website since I'm extremely new to this all. Mandie Bee helped me create a beautiful looking site and she really educated me during the entire process...

Don't hesitate and hire her if you want quality work done by an extremely honest and knowledgeable professional"

-Arielle, Added Touch Jewelry

"Mandie Bee was wonderful to work with! So quick and helpful and she helped me to created a beautiful Shopify site! We just love it! Highly recommend her services - a true gem."

 - Maria, Eleebana Beauty


Contact Me

Los Angeles, CA

Tel: 805.419.9960