In 2005, I started my first business, Heart of Haute, at the age of 19  without even realizing what was in store for me.  I was a sophomore in college, selling homemade dresses on eBay to make extra money while I took on a full-load semester after semester. Little did I know my line would become a million-dollar company within 2 years! 

Since then, I've created hundreds of apparel designs, sold to online shops like ModCloth and Unique Vintage, and committed to keeping all of my manufacturing in California. I developed and had over 26 employees and together we've produced hundreds of thousands of garments that are in the closets of women all around the world. 

I dove in and took over our creative department as the

house photographer, graphic designer, social media marketer, and sales representative. 

During my entrepreneurial endeavors, I chose to offer my services as a freelance creative. In part, to have a diversity of work to do and to also help other small businesses in the process. I had the opportunity to teach Visual Merchandising at Chaffey Community College as an adjunct faculty member.